Camera Roll-460

Camera Roll-461
วาสุเทพ ลิ้มพริมเพราะ
Sunday Morning

I opened the window,then,the wind flow into my room.
Remind me of someone very important on the long lost way.

He was the one who pull me up to the world that I wish I could have.
He was the one whose destiny set us up to meet and apart.
His job was sending me to the world I was asking for.

He was the first one at the art tutor school whose told me that I am talented.
And I should be proud of what I am.

After I got in the art university,the best one in town.
The one I wanted to be since elementary school.
(would u believe that?believe me,I have a high dream)
I said thank you to him so many times.Every time we met.
Then he said with his warm smile; all me not him.

I love him so much.
As a puppy love.
As a big brother.
As my idol.

I still think of him every time I have a chance.
I dont know where he is or what he do now.
Have a kid?Beautiful wife and family?
I wish him love.
The real one.
You are on my mind.


About nixeyg

Sweet and Sexy Female Photographer whose wearing 4 heels while she is shooting!
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  1. nixeyg says:

    I got you.

  2. aor says:

    romanticness nostalgia..
    I wish he can know what you think of him..at least half of this.

  3. nhoi says:

    อยากอ่านแบบนี้บ่อย ๆ ^^

  4. nixeyg says:

    อยากเขียนแบบนี้บ่อยๆเหมือนกันแต่แรงบันดาลใจไม่ค่อยจะมี 555

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