A letter to North pole


Dear Santa,

My name is Nikar and I have been good.
Im a good girl whose never playing with anyone’s feeling.
Last 2 years ago you turned my wish to be true.
Did you forget to make it last forever,sir?

I never ask more for xmas.
But I wish…..my wish becomes true and FOREVER.

Am I asked for more?
Please Santa.

Thank you in advance.

P.S.- In case that you cant make it on time.I kinda need this present in the pix below for this year’s xmas instead. Cheers!!!!


About nixeyg

Sweet and Sexy Female Photographer whose wearing 4 heels while she is shooting!
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3 Responses to A letter to North pole

  1. aor says:

    I like the present!! >__<

  2. nhoi says:


  3. zz says:


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