Last 2 weeks was my birthday party.
Since the past 2 years ago that I have never taken photos on my bd at all.
Just gone crazy and too drunk+worse hangover day of each those years.

This year is almost god damn bliss.
Everything is so perfect, lovely business meeting, dinner with a family, night out with the gang….
only my Vietnamese-french long distance wouldnt give a shit to send me a bliss birthday quote… Too girly for him..>:-(

Vonk,Patsy,Arada,Chai,Meeh and me! Im so happy you guys were here!!!

Arada et moi! We shared the same date bd(only different year).Love you sissy!!

My best friend who always take good care of me; Patsy Stone. He looks so straight dont u think so?Only on my bd honey!

We spent almost 40 mins to ordered and waiting a bottle of Grey goose(which was tripple charge & over price)only for my god damn bd!!!
I said to the barman that I would throw an empty glass behind my back(which was loaded of drunken people)if I still hvnt got one!

Fingers crossed for my wishing this year.

Fooooooook you ASSWHOLE!
I was reborn and my life has just begun.
No more time for a pity to myself.

Thnx u for reading and be patience for my very bad language.
You know,Im not a native speaker just wanna share for some of my international friends since they have been complaints I keep writing the last blog only in Thai.


About nixeyg

Sweet and Sexy Female Photographer whose wearing 4 heels while she is shooting!
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One Response to Twenty+Twelve

  1. aor+nyc says:

    you and your purple vintage dress…. so chic ka!

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